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Although our school is not big, it is not difficult to find us - we are known not only to the inhabitants of the leafy Pogodno district. We are proud to state that teenagers from all over Szczecin study at our Gimnazjum (Junior High School). Why? The answer is quite simple. Although our school has been existing for almost ten years, its history has been much longer. And what the history that was! We have grown up of good traditions, being in the watchful care of Danuta Głowacka, the principal.

We all appreciate a good atmosphere at our school, as learning in such an environment is much easier and nicer. If you think that regular lessons are not enough to broaden your knowledge, you can always attend various additional classes. Thanks to the generosity of the Parents' Council there are many different school clubs available to our students, covering almost every of their interests. It's very important as our graduates are very talented and have got variable interests. They are humanists with scientific minds, able to find themselves in the modern world. To some people it may seem like a fairytale. But to be honest - there has to be something in it...

And there is indeed. We are extraordinary. We are a world-class institution. And it is not a coincidence that in the logo of our school we have got number 10!
You can check it yourself! At our school everybody is an outstanding personality - you can also become one of us!

We provide:
• Education of two foreign languages (English and German)
• Classes in high quality IT rooms (with a possibility of passing ECDL exam)
• Education in well-equipped classes
• The multimedia club for students, the library and the reading room
• The modern gym
• The canteen
• We organize integration camps for the freshmen


Our school is a beautiful, old, red brick building which was built by German people (during the Second World War Szczecin was a German city, Stettin).Our school is located in the heart of Pogodno district (in English ‘Brightful') which belongs to the oldest district of Szczecin and is full of forests, parks and old post-German villas. We think that because of Pogodno, Szczecin is called a ‘green' city. We have a pitch next to the school where we play both football and basketball.

When we enter our school we can see upstairs and downstairs. On the right, there is the principal's, Mrs Głowacka's, office and a secretary office. On the corridor we have many notice boards with information about classes' duties. On the ground floor there are six classrooms: Polish, Math, Physical and Language ones.

Let's move downstairs to the basement. There are three classrooms where we learn Chemistry, Art and Religious Studies. We can eat dinners in a small, bright canteen during two long breaks (20 and 15 minutes). We leave our clothes in the cloakroom on the left. You can also find there boiler room but we have no permission to enter it. Near the religious classroom there is a janitor where we keep tables to table tennis and other things like that.

On the 1st floor we have our classroom - 27. There is also the staff room where teachers can work and relax during breaks. Apart from of our classroom, there are also six other classrooms including Biology and Technology. In the hall we have food and drink machines. Our walls are green and white and we have notice boards hanging on the them. During breaks we can listen to the music played by the school radio station.

On the 2nd floor there is a club where students who don't have lessons can play computer, learn and read books and magazines. There are 5 computers. There is also nurse office, psychologist office and a radio station, the place where students who have duties broadcast music and live programs. On the 2nd floor we have a library, too. There are many kinds of different books, magazines and set books. Our library isn't big but we can borrow almost everything.

Since 2003 we have had a new school gym. To get to the gym you have to go through a long corridor. On your right you can see two changing rooms. The corridor leads to a hall in which you can find the PE teachers room, the compartment room*, and a glass door through which you can enter the school yard. Opposite the glass door you can see the entrance to our gym. It's very big and modern. There, we've got four speakers through which you can sometimes hear music during PE lessons.

*a shelf with our school trophies (very long shelf)